CStore Decisions' CBD Webinar Series

May 6-7, 2 PM


Wednesday, May 6

CBD Outlook and Overview. What to Expect at Retail Over the Next Two Years:

MSA’s Consumer Research Around Cannabis data shows that consumer attitudes toward CBD are positive, with nearly 67% of adults polled said they approve of either medicinal or recreational use of CBD. Further analysis shows the target audience for a CBD item tends to be younger consumers of both genders with above average income levels. This is highly encouraging news for convenience store retailers. Hear from MSA and category managers from Sheetz and Verc Enterprises about what they expect over the next 24 months.


Thursday, May 7

What We Know About CBD Users and Intenders:

While CBD users and intenders come from all backgrounds, it’s clear there is a divide among people with different convictions and ways of viewing the world. All in all, the trendline for CBD products is heading up with no real indicator of decline in sight. And retailers should take note of the tremendous opportunity for growth and cross-promotion.


  • Casey Taylor, Vice President of Client Success, CivicScience

Understanding How to Promote and Sell CBD at Retail:

With all of the information surrounding the CBD category, consumers can get confused and not know what brands to trust. Convenience store retailers and CBD brands should learn to work together to leverage digital platforms to market CBD products and educate consumers on CBD.